CSE012/CS059 – Data Mining

Winter 2021







Free pass policy: To deal with overlapping deadlines between courses, each one of you has 4 “free passes” when handing in an assignment. That is, you have 4 days that you can use for extending the deadline whenever there is a problem. A free pass is used (if you want) when the assignment is submitted after the deadline. If more than 24 hours have passed then a second free pass is used. If you do not have a free pass (or if you do not want to use one) then the late assignment policy is applied.

Late assignment policy: The first day of delay removes 10% of the maximum possible grade, the second day 20%, the third 40%, and the fourth 80%. In the fifth day you lose 100% of the assignment.

Sumission: The submission of the assignments will be via ecourse. The last turn-in is the one that will be graded. There will be a special link for late submissions (with or without free pass use). 

Reports: In some assignments you will be asked to write a short report about your code, or about the results you obtain. For the code, you need to shortly describe how the code is structured, and how one can run the code. For the results, you need to look at what the code produces and write your observations: How well did you do with respect to what you set out to do? Did you find something interesting? Are there cases to which you should draw the reader’s attention? This is a very important part of the assignment. Your assignment will be marked based on the report as well.