Archaic: Tank Warfare (Android)

Gameplay footage of AWT

This video running on a NVIDIA K1 Shield tablet shows some features of the archaic game engine on android: real time shadows, per pixel normal mapping, atmospheric scattering and advanced particle effects. Download and try it from here:


Automatic Mesh Segmentation

From our work "Parallel Computation of Spherical Parameterizations for Mesh Analysis" presented in SMI 2011

Mesh parameterization is central to a broad spectrum of applications. In this work, we present a novel approach to spherical mesh parameterization based on an iterative quadratic solver that is efficiently parallelizable on modern massively parallel architectures like GPUs. Furthermore, we demonstrate the applicability of our approach to real-time feature detection, mesh decomposition and similarity-based 3D object retrieval. More info can be found here.


Feature-based Morphing

From our work on Morphing

More info can be found here.