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Tuesday 8/3: The first lecture of the course is on 8/3. Due to a confusion regarding the starting date of the course, the class of Thursday 10/3 is canceled. An extra class will be added at the end of the course. There will be a short review of the material covered in the first course next Tuesday.

March 20: The list for the course has been created and an introductory message has been sent out. If you did not receive the message, and you want to be added to the list, please send me an e-mail.

March 21: Regarding the Easter break, there will be a lecture on Tuesday 22, but no lecture on Thursday 24 and Tuesday 29. The course will resume on Thursday 31.

March 31: The first assignment was handed out today in class. You can download it from the homework page. The due date is April 14th. On Monday April 4th there will be a tutorial by Evimaria where she will cover relevant material and she will answer any questions about the assignment and the course.

April 6:There was a small mistake in question 4, that has now been corrected. You can download it from the homework page. For the last question in order to get the bonus marks you need to study only one more network, other than the AS networks or the co-author network. The assignment is out of 100, so you need to do all questions to get full marks (if you do the bonus you can get more than 100).

April 12: The code for fitting a line and an example datafile have been posted in the datasets and code page