Evangelos Papapetrou


Research Interests
  • Wireless and mobile networking (routing, handoff and mobility management, wired/wireless integration, ip networking)
  • Group and context-aware communications (broadcast, multicast, concast, anycast, multipeer, etc)
  • Network coding
  • VoIP and Video transmission over wireless networks
  • Quality of Service (QoS) in wireless and wired networks
  • Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) (data-centric, context-aware and traditional routing, broadcasting, multicating, etc)
  • Satellite networks (design and analysis, routing, call admission control, handover/handoff)
  • Delay Tolerant and Opportunistic networks (routing, social aspects in networking, privacy)
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
Research Outline

My research has focused mainly on wireless and mobile communication systems with special interest in core networking aspects and mechanims such as routing, broadcasting, mobility management (handoff), admission control, etc. My research interests also include complex communication paradigms such as group (concast, anycast, multipeer, etc) and context-aware communications. The main network types that have attracted my research efforts are mobile ad-hoc networks and satellite networks.

Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) - The research activities regarding MANETs focus on the mechanisms of network layer. Besides traditional routing, part of my research was devoted to broadcasting (traditional or combined with network coding). Another research issue has been the study of peer database applications over a MANET. The complex communication paradigm, introduced by peer databases, requires a cross-layer design of networking protocols.

Satellite networks - The research in satellite networks has covered a wide range of issues concerning mainly Low Earth Orbit (LEO) systems. More specifically, my research includes on-demand or periodic traffic-aware routing protocols, optimal routing techniques, call admission control, handover management, traffic characterization, etc

While still interested in the aforementioned fields, current research interests and efforts also include:

Network coding - NC has been proved to be an excellent solution for minimizing the cost of wireless networking protocols. My research focuses on Practical Network Coding and its introduction in core networking mechanisms such as broadcasting in wireless mobile networks. Furthermore, the reasearch includes the theoretical limits of NC as well as the study of its implementation costs.

Delay Tolerant and Opportunistic networks - Opportunistic networks can be seen as a generalization of MANETs where there is no mobility limitation therefore random network partitions may occur. As a result, opportunistic networks present a more realistic approach of future mobile networks. The research in this field focuses on two directions. The first one concerns routing based on concepts of social-networking. The second reasearch direction is about privacy and anonimity in opportunistic communications.

VoIP and Video transmission over Wireless - VoIP and Video transmission over wireless networks has been widely researched over the last years. Despite the evolution of the related technology, newly introduced advancements provide the means for further improvements. My research in this field aims at utilizing novel concepts (such as network coding) and technologies, probably in combination with existing ones (such as aggregation for VoIP, FEC for Video, etc), in order to provide QoS guarantees and efficiently utilize the wireless network.

Experience in R&D