network Models and Algorithms for Complex Networks
Reading List



Reading List


Datasets and Code

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Reading List

The reading list was copied from the Information Networks course. The course will go along the same lines, some more topics may be added, and some others may receive less attention. Not all papers will be presented in class. The list will be updated in the process, and papers will be added and removed.

Background - popular science books

Background - books and survey articles on networks

Networks and measurements

Power Laws and Scale Free networks

Erdös-Renyi Random Graphs and Extentions

Small World networks

Small World Phenomena and Models
Searching in a Small World

The Web


The Web graph
Compressing the Web graph

Web Search
Link Analysis, Ranking

Rank Aggregation and Voting

Searching in P2P networks

Cascading effects on networks -- Gossip and Epidemics

Graph Clustering, and Community search

Other Topics (not covered)

Biological Networks
Temporal Analysis of Data