A paradigm shift in OLAP modeling

Panos Vassiliadis, Patrick Marcel.


In this line of work, we structure a vision for the Business Intelligence of the near future in terms of a model with novel concepts and operators. We envision systems where the end-user requests information at a very high level, expressed as his intention to discover information, and the system transforms this request to the concrete execution of algorithms in order to compute, visualize and comment data and important highlights among them as an answer to the information request made by the end-user.


P. Vassiliadis, P. Marcel, S. Rizzi. Beyond Roll-Up's and Drill-Down's: An Intentional Analytics Model to Reinvent OLAP. Information Systems, 2019.

NEW version of the intentional analytics model. The DOLAP'18 model is updated and lots of examples and explanations are given. Also, the formal version of the intentional analytics model is available at arxiv.org, and extends the Inf. Systems paper with an appendix with the full treatment of the formalities of the model. [Local copy (PDF)]

Panos Vassiliadis, Patrick Marcel. The road to highlights is paved with good intentions: envisioning a paradigm shift in OLAP modeling. 20th International Workshop On Data Warehousing and OLAP (DOLAP 2018), 26 March 2018, Vienna, Austria (co-located with EDBT/ICDT 2018).

Local copy of the paper (PDF)


Presentation for DOLAP 2018 available as (PDF) and (PPT).

Please visit my page on a paradigm shift for OLAP for a full description of the saga for a new OLAP.