Networked Database Systems

Instructor: Evaggelia Pitoura

The course will cover issues related to networked databases. This includes:

Grading Policy: Assignments (20%) Final Exam (15%) Prsentations (10%) Survey (25%) Project (30%)


Lecture Slides

Weekly Schedule

Student Projects

  1. Katerina Asdre Index for Data Dissemination Systems
  2. Kostas Voglis Locating Mobile Objects
  3. Fotini Gramouseni Access Control in Data Dissemination Systems
  4. Kostas KaragiannidisGraph Models for the Web.
  5. Antonis Mairgiotis. Updates in XML Documents.
  6. Basilis Boziaris Disconnections in Broadcast Dissemination
  7. Yiannis Nikopoulos, Indexing Semistructured Data
  8. Charis Papadopoulos Mining The Web: Hubs & Authorities
  9. Marina Plisiti Storing XML Data in Relational Databases
  10. Fotis Theos XML Query processor
  11. Markos Tsipouras Locating Moving Objects Using Hierarchies.
  12. Yiannis Tsoulos Device Databases

Resources - Readings