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Special Issue on: “Entropy in Biomedical Engineering”

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Dear Colleagues,


The use of nonlinear methods in biomedical engineering has gained increasing popularity, with the entropy-based ones being of major importance. The various definitions of entropy have been extensively used in biomedical engineering, where in some topics, the vast majority of papers employ entropy analysis. Biomedical engineering, with complex and multidimensional problems, has always inspired researchers working on entropy, whilst significant entropy definitions have been initiated from the biomedical engineering field. The inherent ability of entropy to extract sensitive information from complex systems was catalytic in this wide acceptance.


This Special Issue focuses on contributions of the use of entropy in biomedical engineering, including but not limited to biomedical applications; analysis of biomedical data using entropy; contribution on entropy definitions inspired by biomedical engineering topics; entropy definitions evaluated with biomedical data; computing algorithms; and entropy as features in machine learning methods applied on biomedical data.


George Manis

Guest Editor

[The special issue is now open for submission]


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