Suggested topics for Master/Diploma thesis
  1. Navigation and Control of a Microrobotic Vehicle
  2. Simulation software for an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
  3. Dynamic positioning of a floating platform in a simulated environment using intelligent techniques
  4. Design and building of an autonomous robotic vehicle
  5. Real-time control of a robotic mechanism
  6. Control of a robot using the ROS environment
  7. Development of the VR force/vision model for a haptic robotic mechanism

Courses Taught

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ioannina, Greece
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece

Office Hours

Monday 12:00-14:00

Current Students

Diploma Students
Konstantina Gerasimopoulou [email]
Human-Robot Interaction Using Gestures

Past Students

MSc Students
Sokratis Dimitriadis Path Planning and Control of a Centrifugal-Force Mini-robot (2019)

Diploma Students
Nikos Filakis Design and Implementation of a 2-DOF Haptic Mechanism (2021)
Manthos Giannoutsos Hardware-Software Upgrade, and Autonomous Navigation of a Mobile Robot (2021)
Nikos Restas Design and Actuation Optimization of an Autonomous Over-actuated Robotic Floating Platform (2020)
Kostas Chanioglou Haptic Telemanipulation Using Kinematic Dissimilar Robots (2020)
Dimitris Tsolakidis Modeling, Trajectory Generation, and Optimized Grasping for a Robotic Hand (2018)
Vasilis Tzivaras Autonomous Quadcopter Landing Using Visual Servoing (2018)
Fation Sehai Design of a Low-Cost 3DOF Haptic Interface (2017)
Kostas Mperoukas Haptic Telemanipulation over the Internet (2017)
Antonis Athanasiadis Design and Implementation of Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Algorithms for a "Lo-Fi" Mobile Robot (2016)
Nikos Koufos Display of Friction in a Virtual Environment Using a Low-Cost Haptic Device (2015)
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece
Panagiotis Nimvriotis Model-Based Control of a 1DOF Servomechanism (2012)
Vasilis Agapoulakis Using a Mobile Robot in Human-Robot Interaction (2012)
Kostas Argiris Design and Realization of Control Systems Engineering Experiments for Educational Purposes (2011)
Panagiotis Soumpakas Design, and Control of a 2DOF Haptic Robotic Mechanism (2010)
Philippos Pagonopoulos Construction, Modeling, and Control of a 1DOF Servomechanism (2010)