Greetings and welcome to my personal Academic webpage. My name is Demetris and am I a Phd at the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering in the field of Computer Vision and more precicely in Image Processing. I have been occupied with image registration and annotation, pointset registration and with feature extraction. In all my works I am trying to combine techniques from Machine Learning into various Computer Vision problems. You may find more details in the corrsponding publications section about my work. I believe that the Academic knowledge has to be open and free for everyone. So I am always uploading all the Matlab code that I have developed for non comercial uses and is associated with my work. You may find all the file in the downloads section.

I am passionate with Mathematics, especially with Number theory and with Euclidean Geometry. However, I am considering myself - well I wish to become ;-) - as a serial entrepreneur. I have tried in the past to setup a startup (involved in the Video On Demand industry). Currently, I am the team coordinator (I do not like the CEO title for a team of a few people) of a new startup called QReca! dealing with consumer engagement and mobile devices exploiting contacless communication technologies, like QR codes and NFC tags. In addition, I am trying to setup a spin-off for providing Computer Vision services (in other words capitalize my research work) in a pay-per-request model through an API framework.

I believe that volunteering is a very important factor for improving our society, and I am trying to be an active volunteer. I am proud beeing one of the thousands of Athens 2004 Olympic Games volunteers. It was an amazing expirience that I consider to be priceless.

If you wish to find more information about me, you can download my cv in English or in Greek.

What is Computer Vision!

Computer Vision is the technology of making the machines understand our world. In other words, computer vision applications aim to extracting knowledge from visual information (e.g. images and videos), in order to interact with humans (human computer interaction), perform an action (e.g. car tracking) and so on.

Computer Vision applications are strongly related with Artificial Intelligence methods, as they all can be summarized as Pattern extraction and analysis processes.

Research Interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Image Segmentation and Registration
  • Pointset registration
  • Feature extraction
  • Object detection and Recognition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Automatic Image annotation
  • Machine Learning
  • Optimization

Contact Me

Address: Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, PO BOX 1186, Ioannina, Greece - Room B6
E-mail: dgerogia [@] cs\./uoi\./gr (properly processed)