Giorgos Sfikas Research associate & Visiting lecturer

Phd in Image processing and Computer Vision (Signal, Images et Vision), University of Strasbourg, September 2012 ( Ecole doctorale de Mathématiques, Sciences de l'Information et de l'Ingénieur / Mathematics, Information and Engineering Sciences)
Msc in Computer Science, University of Ioannina, May 2007
BA in History and Archaeology, University of Ioannina, December 2014
Bsc in Computer Science, University of Ioannina, October 2004

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  • Two papers accepted for ICDAR 2017, to be held in Kyoto, Japan: "A PHOC Decoder for Lexicon-free Handwriting Recognition", "Nonlinear Manifold Embedding on Keyword Spotting using t-SNE"
  • Paper accepted for ICIP 2017, to be held in Beijing, China: "SemiCCA: A New Semi-Supervised Probabilistic CCA Model for Keyword Spotting"
  • Paper accepted for publication in Pattern Recognition: "A survey of document image word spotting techniques"
  • Received best paper award at the 3rd workshop on Bayesian and Graphical Models in Biomedical Imaging, held in conjunction with the 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2016) for the paper I co-authored: "Bayesian Multiview Manifold Learning applied to Hippocampus Shape and Clinical Score Data".
  • This semester (Winter 2016-2017) I will be teaching the Digital Image Processing course at the Dpt. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Ioannina.