The Arktos Project: Tools for the management of ETL scenarios

Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL) tools implement the refreshment of a data warehouse. Specifically, ETL tools are responsible for:

The uttermost goal of the Arktos project is to facilitate, manage and optimize the design and implementation of the ETL processes both during the initial design and deployment stage and during the continuous evolution of the data warehouse.

Over the years, the Arktos projects has undergone several variations. You can retrieve all the source code of Arktos via Github. Specifically:


This software is available under the GNU GPL v.3 licence. The software and documentation made available under the terms of this license are provided with no warranty.

Originally, this work was licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Greece License. This was much better, because one could very easily understand what is allowed and what is prohibited. However, since Creative Commons discourages the usage of its licencing for software products, we had to switch.


Arktos is not supported (except if serious financing is found) :-). Feel free to use the provided material as you see fit in the context of the above license.

Last update: 2013/03/22
Arktos in Greek means 'bear'. The name refers to Ursa Major as the structure of ETL scenarios can look like a star constellation. The logo was downloaded from Digital Images Of The Sky.