Ph.D in Computer Science
Title of Thesis: Analysis of multichannel chromosome images.

MSc in Computer Science
Title of Thesis: Segmentation of greyscale chromosome images.

BSc in Computer Science
Title of Thesis: Tetrahedralization algorithms of convex polyhedra.


Instructor of Medical Imaging
Cardiovascular Biology and Biomechanics Laboratory
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Director: Yiannis Chatzizisis

Post Doc Researcher
Knowledge and Intelligent Computing Laboratory
Director: Chrysostomos Stylios

PhD Student
Information Processing and Analysis Research Group
PhD Supervisor: Aristidis Lykas

MSc & PhD Student
Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems
Supervisor/Director: Dimitrios Fotiadis

Awards - Scholarships

Marie Curie Fellowship 2013

Scholarship from the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) Biomedical Research Insititute FORTH/BRI


Department of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (Department of Western Macedonia) the courses:

Department of Computer Engineering (Technological and Educational Institute of Hpeiros, Arta) the courses:

Research Interests


George Georgoulas,
Chrysostomos Stylios,
Professor at the TEI Arta 
Ioannis Tsoumas,
Research Scientist at
ABB Corporate Research
Jacqueline A. Fairley,
Georgia Tech Research Institute  
George Nikolakopoulos,
Full Professor of Control Engineering at Luleå University of Technology
Ulrik Röijezon,
Senior Lecturer, Division Health and Rehab, Luleå University of Technology. 
Vasileios Kappatos
Associate Professor, Department of Technology and Innovation, University of Southern Denmark  



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Book Chapters

  1. P. Karvelis and D.Fotiadis, Recent Advances in Automated Chromosome Image Aanalysis, Handbook of research on advanced techniques in diagnostic images and biomedical application, 2008.
  2. D. Tsalikakis, P. Karvelis and D. Fotiadis, Segmentation of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images, Handbook of research on advanced techniques in diagnostic images and biomedical application, 2008.

Reviewer for Intarnational Journals