S-buffer: Sparsity Aware Multi-fragment Rendering

Andreas Vasilakis and Ioannis Fudos

To appear in Eurographics 2012 as short paper.
Eurographics 2012
(a) Transparency, (b) translucency and (c) CSG rendering on different models.

Fast Forward Eurographics 2012 Presentation


This work introduces S-buffer, an efficient and memory-friendly gpu-accelerated A-buffer architecture for multi-fragment rendering. Memory is organized into variable contiguous regions for each pixel, thus avoiding limitations set in linked-lists and fixed-array techniques. S-buffer exploits fragment distribution for precise allocation of the needed storage and pixel sparsity (empty pixel ratio) for computing the memory offsets for each pixel in a parallel fashion. An experimental comparative evaluation of our technique over previous multi-fragment rendering approaches in terms of memory and performance is provided.

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